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Special Offers and Packages

Seasonal Offers

People are always looking for unique and unusual gifts for friends and relatives throughout the year and Tessa offers gift vouchers and special massage packages to suit every need. Whether it be Father’s Day, Mother’s Day, Valentines, a birthday or anniversary or just a special treat for someone who deserves it, gift vouchers are available.

You can also choose how you would like the gift recipient to receive their massage. You could choose to send them to the Bodytech Health Club in Mardol, Tessa could make a home visit or travel to a particular place you would like the massage to be.

Gift Vouchers




Tessa offers gift vouchers for Swedish , Deep Tissue, Relaxation Therapeutic massages which are the perfect present for family and friends.

Bridal Package

The weeks leading up to the big day can be extremely stressful for brides, their parents, the bridesmaids and even the groom. And by the time you are down to the finishing touches and know the big moment is just days away sometimes it can all get too much. But Tessa offers members of the bridal party a way to calm down, chill out and get rid of some of the stresses of the big event. One bride, who married in December 2009, said:

“I had thought about taking myself and my mum off to a spa but as the wedding got closer there was so much to do and so little time. Tessa came to my mum’s house the day before the wedding and set up a quiet little haven in the front room – amid all of the chaos. I took half an hour to relax and enjoy the massage and it was wonderful.

“Apart from feeling more relaxed it helped me get to sleep soundly that night, which meant I was up and raring to go early the next morning.
“My mum was far more relaxed after her massage which made me happier, and it made the loose ends a lot more enjoyable to tie up – we just took them in our stride.” 

Mothers and Babies

Tessa offers massages for new mums who are coping with the daily stresses – and aches and pains – of looking after a baby. Because she understands how difficult it is for mums to leave their newborns or young babies Tessa will travel to the family home and the massage will take place in the presence of the baby. If mum is needed at any point then Tessa will take a break and continue when everyone is ready, although often the music and scents of a massage will calm a baby as much as their mum!

Tessa’s new mum package can also be taken up by two or more mums who would like to combine a massage with a catch-up and a drink. Kirsty Smallman, 28, enjoyed a full body massage in her home in Telford as her six-month-old son Eddie happily amused himself nearby. She said: 

“You don't realise the strain pregnancy and labour puts on your body until afterwards. Ideally I probably needed the massage six months ago as I really felt breastfeeding caused back and shoulder ache. I really suffered with my posture too so I'd recommend a visit from Tessa in the early days when you really need it.
“But the massage is just as important now as I am suffering other aches and pains from lifting and carrying a 22lb baby.” 

Kirsty said many of her friends at the weekly baby group are also complaining of sore shoulders and backs and pulled muscles. “I'd had a special pregnancy massage while carrying Eddie but you tend to forget about yourself after the baby is born”
“Some of my friends had also suggested spa days for massages but it creates the problem of a babysitter and the stress of being away from the baby in the early months.
“With Tessa setting up in your own home you have the same experience but without any hassle. The lights were dimmed, she played relaxing music and set my lounge up as if we were in a health spa – it was perfect. 
“And Tessa made it clear that if I needed to get up at any time to see Eddie that was fine.” 

“A tip for any new fathers – the mother and baby massage experience is a perfect present to thank your partner for their hard work in bringing your baby into the world!” 


In Good Hands
You're definitely in goods hands with Tessa! Great technique that really gets to all the knots and sorts them out. Can highly recommend.



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